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1.     Personal Data


Ilenia Tinnirello


Palermo, 28 November 1976



Current Employment

Assistant Professor, Università di Palermo


Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica, Università di Palermo

Viale delle Scienze, Parco D’Orleans, 90128 Palermo, ITALY

Telephone, fax

Tel: 091.66615269

Fax: 091.488452


Email:  or


2.     Education

  • Since January 2005: Assistant Professor at the University of Palermo.

  • From March 2004 to November 2004: Visiting researcher at the Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

  • February 2004: Ph.D. dissertation about Resource Management in Wireless Packet Networks, advisor Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi

  • January 2001: state examination for engineering professional qualification.

  • Since November 2000: PhD Student on Communications, Università di Palermo. About the PhD formation program, she attended the International School for PhD Students on Information Engineering at Napoli Univeristy Federico II, on February 2001, 2002 and 2003 and, at Padova Univeristy on July 2001 e 2002.  Moreover, she attended a course on sensor networks at Università la Sapienza di Roma, by prof. Mani Srivastava.  

  • April 2000: Laurea degree in Electrical Engineering, Università di Palermo, summa cum laude. Final thesis about Handover and Admission Control in wireless packet networks, assisted by  Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi.

3.     Teaching Experiences

 Mainly in the field of Communication and Information Theory. In particular:

a.        Numerical Signal Processing

b.       Object Oriented Programming and distributed applications (C++, JAVA).

c.        Wireless networks.

 1.1  Practice Lessons at Università di Palermo:

  • Numerical Signal Processing (Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi’s course), 15 hours, 2001/2002  and 2002/2003, about MATLAB software use for filter design, analysis of quantization effects, spectral estimation, kalman filters.

  • Internet (Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi’s course), 15 hours, 2002/2003, about object-oriented programming style, JAVA, architecture for distributes applications, implementation of client/server examples with TCP/UDP sockets.

1.2  Courses in other schools

  • Speeches (seminar, compact course of 10-30 hours) for the Center of Research Electronic in Sicily (CRES) and other specialist schools (I.P.S.I.A E.Medi, Palermo) about: numerical signal processing, distributed applications, object-oriented programming (C++ e JAVA), wireless local are networks (802.11/Bluetooth).

1.3  Other didactic activities

  • Master Thesis Supervisor: since November 2000 at Università of Palermo, about: handover algorithms and mobility management, scheduling policies in wireless personal area networks (Bluetooth), quality of service in IEEE 802.11 networks, load balancing algorithms in wireless packet networks.


4.     Research Activities

Mainly about wireless networks. Specifically: handover and load balancing algorithms, occupancy estimation techniques, resource management algorithms, multiple access algorithms with different access priorities. Performance evaluations have been carried out by means of analytical and simulative approaches (several simulation programs have been developed in C/C++).


5.     Software Development

  • 2003: design, in collaboration with Università la Sapienza di Roma, of a network simulator based on IEEE 802.11 standard and  supporting  HCF/EDCF access mode.

  • 2002: design and implementation of an abstract module for reconfigurable networks, in collaboration with Università La Sapienza di Roma and Università di Perugia, on NS2 framework, in C++/TCL.

  •  2000/2003: development of several simulation/calculus tools in C and C++.